Mk60 abs e36

Mk60 abs coding. Includes o-ring seal, reservoir mounting bolt, and two mounting nuts.

mk60 abs e36

Bosch BMS Fiesta 1. Check and if necessary adjust the tyre pressure on all wheels.

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The DSC Mk60 is fitted on vehicles with 4-cylinder engines. My rear end sensors are working accurately from the M3 rear and even connected fine.

The first option is the standard E46 M3 x28mm front rotor. A wide variety of abs e36 options are available to you, such as graphic design. Small crack near the spring cup not the subframe, subframe is already reinforced very minor to fix, cost less than 1k.

Source e36 TPS sensor 2. Greater safety in extreme situations: In the event of emergency braking, the MK60 ABS control unit ensures increased directional stability, better maneuverability and a shorter braking distance in wet conditions.

System Ident. Current Stock Level: 1. Free delivery for many products!. ABS mk60 Par julienv, le 28 mai Two rotors options are available for this brake kit.

Mk60 Abs E36

The MK60 is unique among off the shelf ABS units outside of high cost units from Bosch in its ability to operate in a truly standalone mode. Arpad Brandes Almhorster Str. Sortare dupa. Personal Blog. Having the Brake Pressure Sender Sensor Switch fitted internally to the ABS Pump is a new space-saving idea which has gone terribly wrong and unfortunately dealerships are yet to recover from.

Audi tt german look mk1.ABS is nice to have on track. If you disagree, you're welcome, but this thread is not for you. It would be nice to have something better Actually, this unit is a common swap into many platforms, as it runs standalone and can be flashed with some fairly interesting software.

Dynamic Stability Control Mk60 and Mk60E5 System control

Even stock, however, it's a much better, smarter unit. Most of the swap is prettymuch the same as for any other MK60 swap, but we encountered some specific issues. The MK60 needs individual rear wheel sensors. Happily, if you are prepared to ditch the parking brake, there's a nice machined surface on the axle in that area outboard of the axle seal.

We sourced these from reluctorrings. Installation involves nothing more complex than a torch to heat the ring enough to expand it, and then it just drops into place once you have removed the bearing, of course. If you want to make your own, the rear reluctors need to be made with 48 teeth same as the front. EDIT: see post 24 below for a better rear sensor option.

The rear BMW sensor has a long strain relief on the cable that needs to be carefully trimmed off, so that it can be tucked in under the parking brake drum. I can't say whether this would fit under the standard rear rotor, as we have S60 rotors on the car - you might need to shrink the ring or find another sensor to work with.

MK60 Wheel Speed Module

Shown here with a 3d-printed prototype mount, the sensor mounts using existing holes from the handbrake mechanism and a bracket fabricated using 1. Here we copied the E30 guys and trimmed the sensor back. It looks terrible, but it works.

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Engine compartment: ignore the M52, nothing to see here. ABS-only installations work with it prettymuch anywhere. Wiring is very straightforward. Either use an LED with a series resistor, or a relay. Image taken from a mostly helpful document produced by facebook. The DSC button input is not useful and can be left disconnected. Make sure to tie the fluid level sensor input to ground or wire up a fluid level sensor DSC sensor box is installed under the driver's seat in the correct orientation connector forward, mounting surface up.

The steering angle sensor is not required for ABS purposes, so we pitched it.

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Note that we don't have an ignition switch - you might choose to route pin 4 differently in a car that does. Last edited by DrZiplok; at PM. Reason: Added more details. Mentioned better rear sensor. Originally Posted by Redwood Chair. Don't forget about properly seasoning it on HF jackstands for a couple years whilst dreaming about big powah 'goals'. Got manual? Got gear? Got V-8 power? No t. Is there a reason the stock front ABS sensor would not work?

Originally Posted by DarkKratoz.

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Find More Posts by blkaplan.The DSC Mk60 is fitted on vehicles with 4-cylinder engines. Without successful coding, no calibration of the steering-angle sensor is possible. Even if there are faults in the DSC, coding is normally possible. Calibration of steering-angle sensor The zero point of the steering-angle sensor, the vehicle identification number and the serial number of the SZL are stored. MK60 E5: The internal pressure sensors and the valves characteristic curve for the flow volume are calibrated.

In the event of faults that affect the valves or pressure sensors, the calibration might not be possible. Venting routine for DSC unit 5. Check for swapped brake lines 6.

Initialize Run Flat Indicator. The lateral acceleration sensor or lateral-acceleration sensors are calibrated in the DSC sensor. The steering-angle sensor forms a unit with the steering column switching center. It cannot be replaced alone. An internal brake pressure sensor replaces the two brake pressure sensors on the main brake cylinder.

This brake pressure sensor cannot be replaced separately. The hardware and software of the control module have been adapted to the vehicle circuit structure.

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The software of the control module can be updated when required by authorized dealerships in compliance with strict security and procedure rules. The brake-pad wear sensors are therefore designed in two stages, one sensor per axle. On the M5 and M6, two sensors are fitted for the front axle and one sensor is fitted for the rear axle. The SZL is coded in this way. The DSC unit contains 5 internal pressure sensors and valve with variable characteristic curves for the flow volume: so-called analogized solenoid valves.

The characteristic curves for the flow volume must be learned calibrated. A longitudinal acceleration sensor is integrated on the board of the control module not M5 and M6.

The version of the DSC sensor for vehicles with active steering delivers redundant signals 2 for yaw rate, 2 for lateral acceleration. The E60 M5 has a steering column switching center with its own diagnosis address.

AutoHex II. AutoHex stand alone. Mercedes Technical Info.Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. Figured I'd put this info in one consolidated place. Parts needed are: 1. The rear sensors are more of an issue. I have M coupe trailing arms and part works without issue. For an E30 trailing arm the jury is still out on the solution.

I have made an adapter plate that looks like it will work, but I want to test it on the track before offering them for sale. Electrical things needed to hook up 1. CAN connection optional 7. Yaw sensor optional 8. ABS malfunction light optional Hydraulic things you need to hook up: 1. Will try to test it on the track Tags: None. What is the advantage of the E46 ABS, is it a fully 4-channel as opposed to the E30 3-channel system?

Is it programmable? I could imagine that somewhat the cars weight must be considered in the programming? Comment Post Cancel. Yes 4 channel, but it is a newer system with s technology versus early 80s.

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Pulses much faster, reacts faster. It all works in my driveway! This is the data trace from my AIM. The bottom line is the GPS speed. The blue and green lines are the front wheels.Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next.

I have developed a kit for our cars that allows for a simple bolt on solution for the wheels speed sensors and front brake pressure sensors. Below is a basic overview of the system components. The system is partially programable and fully alone, which will bring a host of technological advancements over what is currently available for our cars.

I have mines connected to an AIM Pista and that data logs many channels. Additional features are also programmed into the control module. The Steering angle sensor is still going through development, this is a solution one of my friends came up with and this is one we are going to develop further. More photos and information to come.

Any questions, please ask away - To date, eight kits have already been sold! Tags: None. I am totally in for something like this. Take my money, take all of it. How do you manage the rear ABS sensors? Great work! Justin T. Comment Post Cancel. Hi, Great that you are interested For the rear I supply a BMW part number and instructions of how to fit the sensor, it really is a very simply process and it works perfectly!

Currently because of the F1 season, some of the parts are in line for production in Germany, I have been given a 3 week ETA, so once that comes around the last batch of kits sold very quickly. HTH Andrew.

Last edited by Demlotcrew ;AM. I am not in a huge hurry to purchase, hopefully funds are available in the next two months or so.The MK60 is unique among off the shelf ABS units outside of high cost units from Bosch in its ability to operate in a truly standalone mode.

All of its sensor data is managed within the unit and its diagnostics are performed via a dedicated OBD2 port without the need for other gateway modules or the ECU like is the case with other modern systems. The MK60 is able to monitor its own sensors and regulate wheel slip without integrating into a car's existing electronics.

mk60 abs e36

Due to the onboard pumps in the MK60 there is no requirement for a pre-charge pump which are sometimes seen on other ABS systems such as those on the pre E46 M3. This is particularly important in cases of trail braking and corner exit where 3-channel systems can causes issues when trying to regulate slip on one rear wheel and disturb both. Depending on your application, some wiring and plumbing is required but with the use of a standalone ABS wiring harness the installation can be streamlined.

The key items required for installation are:. Pressure sensors measuring master cylinder outlet pressures for the front and rear outlets. Signal to the ABS system that the brake pedal is pressed this is typically accomplished using whatever controls the brake lights. The MK60 uses on-board pumps and does not require a pre-charge pump to boost master cylinder line pressures. As a result the MK60 is very flexible with regards to installation location.

It's not uncommon to see these units installed on the passenger side floor or even in the trunk of a race car. This can be advantageous to make room in the engine bay for engine swaps or to simplify wiring or plumbing.

This style sensor helps increase performance, durability and low speed accuracy and do not seem to have the false cycle problem like the passive sensors do.

As a result the MK60 can be integrated into almost any car that is or can be fitted with active sensors. They are installed such as to monitor the master cylinder front and rear outlet pressure. They are not required for ABS regulation but provide performance advantages especially in cases when the suspension is being loaded or unloaded under braking. Similar to the pressure sensors, this sensor is not required for the ABS to function. However, it is strongly recommended especially in racing applications.

This is caused by the ABS computer not being able to distinguish what the chassis is doing rotating vs going straight without the input from the DSC sensor. What is "Ice Mode"? Ice mode is part of the ABS software that tries to interpret when the car is on ice and allows the system to lock the wheels which is the best way to stop in a no-traction situation. The ABS sometimes interprets wheel speed conditions during trail braking as the car being in a no-traction situation when it is not provided with DSC sensor data.

The standalone harness has minimal additional wiring required but there are some items that have to be provided by the chassis. Two 2 20 Amp inputs for the pump which should be constant when the ignition is on and one 1 5 Amp input for the module which can be constant with ignition or switched to allow for turning the ABS system on and off.

BMW E36 brake booster delete installation (How to remove e36 brake booster and ABS pump) Part 1

The wire that senses this needs to see a chassis ground when pedal is NOT pressed Normally Closed and open circuit when the pedal IS pressed. This can be accomplished a variety of ways. BMW offers a relay referred to commonly as the "Salmon Relay" for it's color that is perfect for this application. This light only illuminates when an ABS failure occurs which in standalone mode is limited to wheel speed sensor failures.

The Motorsport harness can be configured to offer a variety of outputs to suit the application. The MK60 outputs conditioned digital wheel speed data in both 5v and 12v depending on configuration.

This data can be useful for logging and also for standalone ECU's that provide traction control based on wheel speeds. We have developed custom sensor files for AiM use and can provide support for other data loggers as required.

We have developed custom sensor files for AiM use with this output. The MK60 in it's base configuration offers exceptional ABS performance and has been proven to work on a wide variety of applications.Remember Me? General BMW Discussion. Page 1 of 5 1 2 3 4 5 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 25 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Is this vaporware? Do these guys actually exist. There are two types of E46 speed sensors, blue and grey. I hear only one type works well for the mod. Got a part number for the correct sensors when doing the mod?

UPDATE: Blue connector sensors, see post 9 below for ideal part numbers and mod D Apparently once the system is in place, it needs to be reprogrammed for the car.

I don't really know anything about either of these. Why is that? Originally Posted by sab C The E46 M3 speed sensors can be modified to fit and work with E D Apparently once the system is in place, it needs to be reprogrammed for the car. E What else needs to be hooked up?

mk60 abs e36

Originally Posted by Bimmermani. Electrically, the will connect to the chassis side once you remove the key-ing features of the chassis-side connector. Alternatively, you can de-pin the chassis connector and re-pin the blue connector, which is what I did eventually. Then it's entirely plug and play in the wheel well. I think those are all optional. I don't recall wiring my brake light switch into the DSC harness, but check my thread for the wiring schematic details.

It's been a year since I dealt with the wiring. The ABS light would be good to hook up in case of faults. You used the late model Z3 steering column with Steering Angle Sensor. What part numbers are needed? I have to replace my upper steering column in my E36 M3, so might as well use this now and be able to add DSC later. Had an impact and there is a bind on left turns. Replaced everything but upper shaft.

So figured would try that. Can DSC be implemented with an S52? Or does it require drive by wire throttle E46 or newer or something in order to control engine power? I'm running standalone ABS in my car E I think most all your questions have been well covered here.

mk60 abs e36

Would be cool if you could program Select-High Regulation to work above 25mph essentially never use Select-Low Regulation. I went a bit overboard and purchased new sensors to eliminate the potential problems of a used sensor.


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